Cast spa, based in Volpiano Italy, was established in 1978 and has subsequently established itself as a market leading supplier of carbon steel and stainless stell compression fittings in all forms and sizes.

We hold a huge stock of Cast carbon steel compression fittings, all available for next day delivery in the UK. The cast product is both high quality and highly affordable, certainly compared to German sourced components.

Cast has developed both its technology and its manufacturing processes to deliver exceptional, safe, and durable components suitable for the toughest applications on land and sea. Cast carbon steel compression fittings have been used for many years in every kind of industrial application, to the full satisfaction of users through out the world. The casting technology assures a constant quality of the raw product in general and of the specific steels required for specific purposes in particular. The machinability of this steel ensures that the manufacturing of the final product is of the highest quality. Protective treatments, introduced recently have relaunched the use of carbon steel fittings in applications which not long ago were deemed as not possible.

We have recently added the Cast product catalogue as a downloadable PDF to our site enabling you to choose the parts required for every application.

All fittings and valves detailed in the catalogue can be delivered in the various types of carbon steel available on the market.

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